Getting sales and sign up's is the life blood of our business.  Everyone is looking for new and better ways to attract people to them and ultimately make more money.  Unfortunately, many go about it all wrong and end up pushing people away rather than drawing them to them.

The majority of us when we get started in a network marketing company, are full of enthusiasm.  We want to share the great opportunity and fantastic products that we found.  However, there is a process that we need to go through when we connect with new people online if we want them to buy from us or join our business.

Relationships are the cornerstone of network marketing and an important step that many miss when prospecting online.  So many people think that all they need to do is show as many people as possible their opportunity and end up spamming their links all over social media.

The video below explains what you need to remember in order to grow your business online.  If you want more success, more sales and more signups, take a look below.



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