If you have spent any amount of time in network marketing, then you know that not everyone will want to join your business.  There are many reasons why people choose not to join your company.  They may not have an interest in the products or may have had been feedback about the company itself.  However, there are ways that you may be contributing to people not joining your.

Firstly, you may be talking to the wrong people.  Those who want to get rich quick, are generally ones to avoid. Mainly because, they don't want to have to put the work in to get to where they want to be.  You want to be looking for people who have a drive to succeed. Those who have some disposable income to help them invest in themselves and their business.

You may be telling the prospect too much.  Most companies now have videos and webinars that help you to close prospects into your business.  Many people however talk too much and actually talk themselves out of the sale or the prospect out of joining you.

You are not following up with the prospects that you talk too.  So many people send on information but then do not check back in with the prospect.  ‘THE FORTUNE IS IN THE FOLLOW UP'.  If you are not following up with your prospects, you will never sign them up to your business opportunity.

The video below, talks about the No.1 reason that people don't join your business.

Finally, many people don't sign up team members because they just don't ask the prospect.  People sometimes are afraid they will come across too strong and never ask and end up losing the prospect to someone else from the same company.  Don't be afraid to ask the question at a point in your conversation that it feels right to do so.


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